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Lakeview Image Library

For three decades now, the Lakeview Image Library has been a source of quality imagery showcasing the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, as well other parts of the world where we travel regularly, particularly India and Australia. Our collection has a reputation for clean, crisp composition and classic themes that surpass the test of time. We use high quality gear to ensure that our client has a high definition image worthy of its end use. It’s always great to recognise our images in books, advertisements, magazines and even museum displays around the world.

Lakeview Image Library

We typically shoot with the end user in mind, aiming to capture the right moment for your travel brochure, advertisement or illustration. With a background in newspapers, advertising and web design, we know the kinds of images that suit, and the budgets that can constrain a project. This site offers you access to affordable imagery as well as high-end exclusive photos and illustrations available under a rights-managed license to give you the assurance that your special image will not appear in the opposition’s ad as well.

Lakeview Image Library

Regarded as one of the wildest natural areas in New Zealand, the West Coast is a superb background for any outdoor work. The snow-capped Southern Alps create the eastern boundary for a long strip of territory graced by beautiful rivers, temperate rainforest and glaciers.

Home base for the Lakeview Image Library is nestled at the foot of the Southern Alps. We have instant access to snow-fed rivers, lakes and native bush on all sides.

Lakeview Image Library

Construction and mining images feature strongly in the Lakeview portfolios. You’ll find editorial and model released images related to manufacturing, midwifery, mining for coal and gold, oil exploration, and the aviation and hospitality industries.

We’re not interested in a made-up model posed on the construction site, but the tradies who know their stuff and get on with the job while we get on with ours. Very few of these images are posed. We aim to capture work as it really is – sometimes a bit grubby but always necessary to keeping things maintained and moving along.

Lakeview Image Library

With several stunning national parks within easy driving distance, the West Coast provides a great advantage for nature photography, as well as some fascinating industries. Friendly locals have given us access to sites that wouldnâ’t normally be available to photographers. Other features of our portfolios include hunting images and historical and archival images covering a wide range of events and personalities.

The stock agencies that showcase our work can provide images with Royalty Free licenses or Rights Managed licenses. Shop around and find out what suits your project and your budget.

Photos and illustrations from the Lakeview Image Library sell daily around the web from the following sites. Follow the links to our portfolios.

My Chilly Bin

Exclusive New Zealand images, shot especially to showcase the special kiwi lifestyle and flavour that makes New Zealand famous. We have more than 2000 images here for the discerning designer.

Access our portfolio here


Alamy offers our greatest range of photos under Rights Managed licenses, and Royalty Free licenses. Our Alamy portfolio includes hundreds of exclusive archival illustrations.

Find them here


When we need to buy images ourselves, this site is one of our first options. Shutterstock offers a superb range of affordable images, including thousands of contributions from us, for both commercial and editorial use.

Access our portfolio here


We are delighted to have been one of the first contributors to Dreamstime, a microstock agency which offers great prices for terrific imagery. Some of our images are exclusive to this agency. Dreamstime also stocks a selection of our video clips here.

Access our portfolio here


This microstock agency offers thousands of Lakeview images – for either editoral or commercial use – on subscription or at special rates for the busy purchaser. Check out our full selection of nature video clips here.

Access our portfolio here


Adobe’s outlet for royalty free stock images is an ideal agency for Lakeview images. Fotolia stocks our most recent additions to the world of commercially used images. Excellent rates for designers make Lakeview’s collection a must view here.

Access our portfolio here

Showcasing our images - Lakeview Publishing

Gold cards fan

Photos, illustrations and diagrams from the Lakeview Image Library feature in books and classroom materials from Lakeview Publishing.

Illustrations and diagrams

These illustrations and diagrams feature in our school text book on the science involved in the gold mining industry. The full range of Lakeview Publishing’s materials can be seen and purchased here.

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